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Karen and Jeff Weitz
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Shadow (right) and Ringo (left) during the 2018 Walk & Wag for Veterans.
Shadow (right) and Ringo (left) during the 2018 Walk & Wag for Veterans.
This year will be the fifth opportunity that we are able to support Operation Delta Dog and the Walk and Wag for Veterans.

Karen is the daughter of a Navy veteran, along with having several aunts and uncles who served with the Navy and she is also the granddaughter of an Army veteran.  Jeff is the grandson of two Air Force veterans.  In having such close family connections to multiple service branches the need to support all military veterans is a near and dear cause for us.

The entire Weitz family love their dogs.  We adopted Shadow (14) and Ringo (3) from rescue situations.  Both dogs are extremely important members of the family and when we relocated from Maryland to Massachusetts in 2017, we came across Operation Delta Dog and immediately felt the need to support them and their mission that combines the support of military veterans and rescue dogs.

During the virtual 2020 Walk and Wag, Karen participated walking at Minute Man National Historical Park and was wearing an Operation Delta Dog shirt.  She was stopped by a gentleman who was visiting with his wife and children and asked about the shirt.  He happened to be a veteran who had recently been diagnosed with PTSD and admitted that he had been debating on reaching out to someone to look into getting a service dog.  Both he and his wife were extremely excited to see that there was a local organization that may be able to help him.  This experience reinforced that one never knows who they may happen to walk by and that they may be someone in need of help.  Please join us and raising funds for this amazing organization and in saving a life, whether it be human or animal. 

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"What a wonderful way to help our American Veterans!! I am so proud of you!!"
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