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Liz Macarilla

Ellie & I are ready to WALK!
Ellie & I are ready to WALK!

Ellie, Isaac and I first walked in 2016.  This was just following the election, and it was cathartic to be a part of something that was really positive and for such an unequivocably great cause. The day was beautiful, the grounds were amazing, and Isaac managed to walk the whole way even though he was only a week shy of 4 years old.  Partly because I refused to carry him! But mostly because he's a pretty intrepid little guy.

This year we're super excited to be back and walking to raise money for this amazing program. This is a cause we can all get on board with, no matter our backgound or politics.

Please join me in honoring our vets and the sacrifices they've made, while also celebrating what amazing positivity our canine companions can bring to our lives.