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Keelyn Sebeny

Hello Family and Friends,
As in years past, this Veterans Day weekend I'll be walking with Operation Delta Dog to raise funds for their honorable mission, which is to rescue homeless dogs and train them to be assistance animals for veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and other related challenges. This event takes place on Saturday, November 10th from 10am until 3pm at Carlisle State Park. 
If you have heard me talk about OpDD, you know already what a heart I have for this mission. Regardless of your political view, it feels good and right to me to support these veterans who have been injured in service to our country. And it is also good to help these loving dogs to find their forever homes. The two combined, for me, is magical. Veterans who could not keep a job due to anxiety or other injuries are now successfully working. Veterans who previously had difficulty being in public are now able to handle the rigors of weekly food shopping and other activities with their Service Dog. It is a beautiful thing to see a smiling, relaxed Veteran with his or her Service Dog out in public. Here is a link to the website: https://www.operationdeltadog.org/
As you may know, I've served this organization in a volunteer capacity as a member of the Board for a few years now. I've just started my tenure as the Board's Vice President this past summer, and I'm really excited about all this organization has achieved since its inception about 6 years ago, and what we've got planned for the year ahead. This is not a charity - this is an organization making change in the Merrimack Valley and beyond!
If you are so moved, please consider making a donation for my walk here: www.walkandwagforveterans.com/participant/942327/ 
And for those of you who may be interested to join us for the Walk and Wag, please know this is a family and pet friendly event. Eli was able to complete the walk last year, as was Max  :)    There will be some fun in store for the kiddos, and we always have a great array of food trucks and demonstrations happening. For those who like to take their chances, we will have silent auctions and raffles available as well. 
Thank you so much for your time and attention! Please join us!